Our Vision

To be the Divisional Center of Philanthropic Public Service by Overcoming the Challenges of the era

Our Mission

To uplift lives of the populace qualitatively through an efficient public service, implementing appropiate projects for physical and social development and delivering statutory service using modern technology with philanthropic attitudes.

Ratmalana Divisional Secretary’s Division is a region of Colombo District in Western Province consisting of 13 Grama Sevaka Officers Divisions to an extent of 13.17 Km2. Dehiwela-Mount Lavinia Municipality and Ratmalana Electorate come under this Division. As a result of activities of metamorphosis and sediment soil of this area being made of honeblant nice, honeblant biotes nice and biotis rocks.

This region is an industrial township with a No. of population  95162 and is also has been identified as a tourist paradise. On religious wise there are somany viharayas with historical values including Parana Damma Chaitiya Pirivena, Sri Dharmarama Purana Viharaya,  Mallikaramaya and Thabodhanaramaya situated here. Environment Information Centre related to Athidiya sanctuary is situated at Ratmalana  Divisional Secretariiat Division to raise its value up.

Very pleasant Mount Lavinia Beach, environment with beautiful scenaries and a lot of tourist hotels and lodges are seen here. So, it is identified as a tourist region.  There are somany industrial establishments and factories function in Ratmalana Divisional Secretary’s Division to make various productions. As such, at present Ratmalana is considered being good city that provide so many job opportunities.

When we go through the government and semi government institutions, Ratmalana Airport, Kotalawala Defence Academy, Ratmalana Technical College, Technical Training University, Deaf anf Blond School and State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka will be seen here.

And there are two police stations functioning within the Ratmalana  Divisional Secretary’s Division. 11 GSO Divisions come under Mount Lavinia Police area and 02 under Dehiwela Police. Like that, all the GSOO function under Agrarian Centre, Udagahamulla.

As such, when considering historically, politically and industrially, Ratmalana District Secretary’s Division is identified as an important region.

Role performed at DS

Name From To
G.Kulathunga 1992 1994
B.D.Dasanayaka 1990 1994
K.A.Thilakarathna 1996 1996
Vass Siril Gunawardhana 1997 2000
W.Wijesinghe 2001 2005
W.Kodithuwakku 2005 2008
Pradeep Yasarathna 2008 2011
Swarna Wemalaweera 2011 2011
Pradeep Rathnayake 2011 2013
D.A.Hemasiri Piyathilake 2013  2020
Himali Karunarathna 2020.01.02

News & Events

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

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