Administrative Division

Goal Strengthening the organizational structure through satisfied staff
Main Functions
  1. Issuing of Excise Licence
  2. All the activities relevant to the registration of Business names
  3. Maintain the Personal files of the officers and preparing monthly reports.
  4. Activities relevant to the leave taken by the officers.
  5. Administration works of Grama Niladaries and issuing of grama Niladhari Report to other institutions
  6. Organization of monthly division day and all the activities related to the minutes of the meetings.
  7. Issuing of Railway warrents and settling of money related to that.Activities related to issuing of railway season tickets.
  8. Activities relevant to daily mail
  9. Issuing of samurdhi benefit s and other activities relevant to it.
  10. All the activities regarding distress and housing loans of the officers and activities regarding Agrahara Insurance scheme.
  11. Inquiries regarding Electricity issues.
  12. All the activities relevant to the maintenance of the record room.
  13. Activities regarding Ayurvedic Medical council.
  14. Activities relevant to the preventation of enviroment hazards
  15. Activities regarding the maintains managing of the assets of the office.
  16. Activities relevant to training Programme

Social Services Division


Encourage participation of the disadvantaged and suffering social groups in social development,by providing relief and rehabilitation and creating a background to prevent them falls into such conditions.

Main Functions
  1. Provision of aids and equipments.
  2. Issuing senior citizenship Identity cards
  3. Issuing Dry rations

Planning Division

Goal Strengthening the divisional sustainable development
Main Functions
  1. Identifying the development needs
  2. Evaluation the progress of the projects
  3. Updating PMCS
  4. Maintaining and updating Resources Profile of the division

Accounts Division

Goal Implement and maintain sound financial transaction system to achieve the overall objectives in Divisional Secretariat Colombo
Main Functions
  1. Preparing the procurement plan of the year
  2. All the activities related to payments
  3. Conducting Board of surveys
  4. Handling Audit queries
  5. Preparing financial statements

Registrar Division

Goal Registration of Marriages, Births and Deaths, issue of certified copies at request and the preservation of such documents for assisting the populace to secure their rights.
Main Functions
  1. Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths
  2. Issuing Certificates

Pension Division

Goal Execute pension policies efficiently and productively in regionally to provide active contribution to uplift and to assure wellbeing, Future protection of officers who dedicated for public services, their spouses and dependents.
Main Functions
  1. Payment of monthly pensions.
  2. Conducting Inspections for W&OP and disabled persons and giving recommendations to dept.of Pension.

News & Events

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.06 සමාජ සත්කාරක වැඩසටහන - රත්මලාන

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

2021.06.07 නිරෝධායනය වන ජනතාවට බඩුමළු බෙදාදීම

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